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C-Loop / C-Loop HD / C-Loop Mini Instructions

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2015 01:51PM PST

1. Attach Strap to C-Loop. 

2. Fasten on to tripod mount.  

*Make sure to check the tightness of the C-Loop on camera before each use.
*The C-Loop is designed to be fastened directly to the base of the camera or tripod plate. Please ensure a clean surface before mounting. 

- Check and tighten your C-Loop before EVERY shoot, as this will ensure that the C-Loop is tightly fastened. The C-Loop is designed to securely attach to your camera & M-Plate Pro, however it can still become loose after use. This will help prevent any headaches and dropped cameras due to the C-Loop becoming loose. If your C-Loop has issues staying tight or rotating properly, stop using immediately and contact support.

- To many photographers, the C-Loop is an everyday tool. Losing your washer or having it wear out is something that can happen over time. If you find yourself in this situation, don't worry! We have replacement C-Loop washers available here.

- The C-Loop can become squeaky over time. This is easily fixed with a touch of lubricant. Maintenance:
Flip up the handle and put a drop of your favorite lubricant (Tri-Flow, WD-40, etc) in the gap between the top portion and the body (see picture). Give it several rotations to make sure the lube has penetrated most of the surface under the gap since the tolerance is so tight. To wipe off the excess: press a napkin/tissue against the top of the body with your finger (handle still up) and twist the body. Repeat until the top of the body is free of lube.

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